Orfeo NEWDEAL2019


A melologue based on Ovid’s Metamorphosis by Silvia Colasanti (2009) The story of Orpheus moves us because it is the story of a failure: the failure to reconcile two great mysterious and primordial forces of human existence, love and death. Orpheus is a modern hero, human and fragile, who doesn’t know how to control his feelings. The myth also explores themes as familiar to mankind today as they have always been - the brevity of life and the immortality of art; the power of music to help us live with pain; the extraordinary bond between man and nature. Since its premiere in Rome in 2009, Silvia Colasanti’s Orfeo has been performed by Claire Gibault and the Paris Mozart Orchestra in venues such as the Philharmonie de Paris and the Théâtre Le Liberté in Toulon.

With Silvia Colasanti’s dramatic music and Axel Arno’s powerful film, Orfeo is an intense evening of mythology, poetry, evocative music and soul-searching sun-soaked Mediterranean landscapes. Instrumentation: 10 musicians, narrator, conductor. Available in French and other languages.

Composé en 2009, Orfeo est une œuvre passionnée et déchirante de la jeune compositrice italienne Silvia Colasanti, un mélologue d'après les Métamorphoses d'Ovide. L’histoire d’Orphée nous émeut car elle conte l’histoire d’un échec, celui de concilier les deux forces mystérieuses et primordiales de l’existence humaine – l’amour et la mort. Avec en toile de fond le film hypnotisant d’Axel Arno, Orfeo est un programme intense et introspectif, alliant mythologie, poésie, musique et images envoûtantes de paysages méditerranéens gorgés de lumière.

Instrumentation : 10 musiciens, chef, récitant (de la Comédie-Française). Projection du film Orfeo d'Axel Arno