Bach’s imaginary Music Book

Durée totale
This program has as principle the nowadays “playlists” or the former famous music books in which musicians noted the parts and pieces they liked particularly. During this concert Café Zimmermann presents a selection of intimate works composed by J.S. Bach at the end of the 1740s. We discover in this program different interactions that interested Bach at this period together with the sonorities of the line-up he had chosen for the trio sonata of this Musical Offering from 1747. The baroque style of this “experimental sonata” is confronted with the innovating trio sonata developed by this son Carl Philipp Emanuel. The concert contains also different vocal works by J.S. Bach in an instrumental version that allows another quality of listening leaving space to the imagination of the listener. The Adagio and Fuga by Mozart were based on two pieces of Bach and were part of Mozart’s own music book. The concert ends with a choral that Bach particularly loved: the fuga for three voices for harpsichord and flute. Carl Philipp Emanuel had it printed at the end of the musical testimony of this father: “Before your throne I now appear”. Program ⋅ Johann Sebastian Bach, Sinfonia in D major from BWV 29 “Wir danken Dir, Gott” ⋅ Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Triosonata in B flat major H.578, Wq.161/2 ⋅ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Aria and Fugue KV 404a (after BWV 527 and 1080) ⋅ Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria "Halleluja, Stärk' und Macht“ from BWV 29 A major ⋅ Johann Sebastian Bach, Sinfonia G major from BWV 182 „Himmelskönig, sei willkommen“ ⋅ Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria „Gott soll allein mein Herze haben“ D major from BWV 169 ⋅ Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria „Auch mit gedämpften, schwachen Stimmen“ from BWV 36 G major ⋅ Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria „Ein ungefärbt Gemüthe“ C major from BWV 24 ⋅ Johann Sebastian Bach, Sonata sopr’il Soggetto Reale BWV 1079 C minor ⋅ Johann Sebastian Bach, Choral "Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit“ G major Ensemble ⋅ 4 musicians : violin, cello, harpsichord, traverso